Looking for accommodation on your trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas? Our directory list will give you several options to choose from. There are different types of accommodation which offers different services and may vary according to rates.

Hotel and Resorts

A hotel is considered as the largest accommodation type. Normally, there's a reception area where they entertain guests and rooms along the hallway. Amenities that is more open to the public compared with the other accommodation type. They also have more guests which requires them to have wide range of guest services such as room service, spa, restaurants etc.
Bed and Breakfast
It is a private home where guests can be accommodated. Most owners lives in the house or property. Amenities like kitchen and lounge can be limited or shared with the other guests. Breakfast is included and the guests may request other meals.
Cabin Rentals
Cabins are mostly surrounded with nature. This is an ideal place for nature lover who also loves outdoor experiences. Most cabins are spacious with complete facilities such as hot tubs, kitchen, nice bedrooms etc.
Camping and RV Park
This type of accommodation is ideal for campers, RV enthusiasts, and adventurers. You can setup your tents along the camping area and park your vehicles along the camping ground. Most travelers prefer camping since it more cheaply and you can enjoy star gazing at night.
Home and Condo
This type is ideal for budget travelers. Most owners allowed their properties to be rented by guests in order for them to have income while they’re not using their properties. Home and condos are fully furnished with complete facilities like living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
Houseboat Rentals
This kind of stay is the most unique among the other staycation. Imagine yourself waking up with a view of the waterfront from your window, it’s the best feeling in the world. Houseboat Rentals is also ideal for fishing and swimming.

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