Retirement and Relocation - Lake Hamilton



Hot Springs, Arkansas is known as America’s First Resort, and for good measure. It is a city known for the natural spring water where it got its name. It has been consistently ranked as one of the top retirement destinations by several magazines, including Where to Retire, Places to Retire, and Modern Maturity.

The city of Hot Springs, Arkansas is not only known for its hot springs, but also for its beautiful scenery. It is situated right in the midst of the mountains. It hosts three of the most beautiful lakes in the U.S., namely, Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine, and Lake Ouachita. Most of all, it is situated inside a national park.

Hot Springs offers numerous outdoor and indoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, boating, golf, tennis, and many more. It also hosts numerous cultural and social events that can serve as an avenue for personal growth and social interaction. Numerous museums, galleries, and organized events offer a taste of the city’s culture.

Additional amenities around the city include excellent schools, the finest health care facilities, an urban feel in the midst of the wilderness, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, and the low cost of living. Add to that the friendly people and a warm community spirit and you’ll be able to say Hot Springs, Arkansas is, indeed, the best place to live.