Meetings and Convention - Lake Hamilton

With plenty of facilities to choose from, combined with the scenic location, Hot Springs, Arkansas is a premier destination to host your meetings or conventions. Be it a small event or workshop, or a large convention, there is always room for you in Hot Springs.

The Hot Springs Convention Center is a likely destination and is one of the best facilities to host conventions. It boasts a 360,000 square foot floor area with numerous works of art displayed throughout its various concourses. With several venues available inside the convention center, ranging from small meeting rooms to the Bank of the Ozarks Arena, there is always a meeting location that is a perfect fit. The convention center also offers many perks including tons of free parking, planning and hotel assistance to help you with planning for your event, registration and welcome services for your event, and a dedicated catering company that will surely make things easier for you to. This is, indeed, a perfect venue for meetings, conventions, concerts, and sports and cultural events.

There are also several private establishments that offer facilities that can accommodate you on your event such as hotels and resorts located around the city. These establishments offer various amenities that cater to your needs.