Weddings - Lake Hamilton



Planning your wedding can either be a pleasant or a nightmarish experience. You have to plan the location, the food, not to mention the honeymoon venue, as well as the accommodations. But planning a wedding in Hot Springs, Arkansas is always a pleasant experience with plenty of venues to choose from.

Many guests choose Hot Springs for its beautiful scenery. Have your wedding at the top of a hill, inside a peaceful garden, the serene woodlands, at the numerous country clubs, or near a lake. Hot Springs has plenty of spots for couples to say their vows and share the moments with their guests.

While you decide on a venue, you may have to also plan how many guests you’ll be inviting to the wedding. Whether you want small indoor weddings or large outdoor weddings, Hot Springs has plenty of venues for you.

For a memorable honeymoon, spend it at Hot Springs’ numerous Bed and Breakfasts. They offer couple packages that will surely give a great start to your marriage. Be sure to stick around to try out the hot spring spas around the city. Hot Springs, Arkansas is the Spa City, after all.