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Spend the Last Week of July in Hot Springs

Spend the Last Week of July in Hot Springs

There are approximately 9 days left to go before July 2018 comes to an end. But there are still plenty of things to do in Hot Springs. Make the last week of July memorable with these ideas.

Groove to the Music

The Magic Springs Theme and Water Park Summer Concert Series in beautiful Hot Springs has 12 show dates planned spanning multiple genres, with one act for each week. It’s almost the end of July, which means 3 acts have come and gone for the month. But don’t let that get you down. You can still catch the Christian rock band Skillet on the 28th. But before you do, enjoy an evening on Broadway with the Hot Springs Concert Band on the 23rd.

The music doesn’t stop there. If you enjoy an outdoor concert nestled among the shade trees of the Ouachitas, then you shouldn’t miss the outdoor Gospel Music Concert at Hickory Hill Park on the 28th. There will be snacks and drinks.

Teachers are Artists, Too, You Know

Witness the talents art instructors on display at the Teachers Are Artists Too! Art Exhibit at the Landmark Building in Hot Springs. The exhibit features works of art by Henderson State University (HSU), National Park College (NPC), and Arkansas School for Math, Science and Art (ASMSA) art instructors, past and present. Marvel at the different works of art from fourteen different instructors that feature drawings, hand prints, photography, pottery, and sculptures of various subjects.

The exhibit is open from Monday to Friday at 8:30 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Get Your Art On

Art is not only for the eyes. It’s also best enjoyed using your hands. Join the Gary Simmons & Richard Stephens Art Workshop on the 25th through the 27th at Market Street. This is a unique opportunity for artists to learn from internationally-acclaimed pen and ink artist Gary Simmons and nationally-recognized watercolorist Richard Stephens in this three-day workshop. The workshop will highlight the importance of the preliminary stages of creating art as preparation to the actual painting.

But why stop the learning process there? You can join the guided stroll around the Garvan Woodland Gardens, which will go through Garvan’s Bridge of the Full Moon. Watercolorist Cynthia Schanink will teach a landscape paint-along class with the bridge as the subject after the stroll, in the aptly named “Watercolors in the Garden.”

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Catch the stunning collection of photographic images on display at the Magnolia Room until the 31st in the America’s Splendid Wonders Photography Exhibit by photographer Tim Gorman. The exhibit features a splendid collection of images from across America, which highlights various national and state parks from the Olympic Peninsula all the way to the East Coast. Plus, it’s free. The best things in life are free, right?

Fun for the Kids

Bring out your kids’ creative side and join local artist Sissy Hubbard as she gives a lesson about the old tradition of drawing on stones at the Magnolia Room. All participants will be creating their own works of art on stones and will have the chance to hide them in the Garvan Gardens for others to find if they so choose.

Choose Your Weapons

You aren’t exactly going to war but gun and enthusiasts will have a chance to browse through the state’s largest gun and knife show. You can buy guns and knives on display, sell or trade your own, or just simply browse through the amazing items on display at the Hot Springs Convention Center. You can be sure to find antique and modern firearms, ammunition, custom knives, swords, reloading supplies, scopes and binoculars, and a selection of informative literature about the art of guns and knives. Check out the show on the 28th through the 29th.