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3 Best Things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas on a Quick Getaway

3 Best Things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas on a Quick Getaway

If you ever find yourself visiting the beautiful city of Hot Springs, AR, you’ll find that you’ll never run out of things to do. There are so many places to see, so many things to do, and so many sights to see. In fact, there are so many things you can do in Hot Springs that you’ll never be able to fit all of them in just one weekend.

But if you’re looking to just make a quick visit, like a weekend getaway, then you’ll hardly have enough time to do everything there is to do in Hot Springs. That’s why we’ve come up with 3 of the best things to do while you’re visiting the city of Hot Springs to see what it is that truly makes America’s Spa City unique.

Take a Stroll around Hot Springs National Park

See the beauty and splendor that is Hot Springs National Park. When you’re strolling in the park, you’ll get to gaze upon the beauty of the Ouachita Mountains from up close. Go sightseeing right in the midst of nature. You’ll find that the park has plenty of hiking trails, beautiful scenery, and camping and picnic areas that are perfect for some rest and relaxation.

Located in the midst of Hot Springs National Park is the Fordyce Bathhouse (well, former), which is now the Hot Springs National Park Visitors’ Center. It now functions as a museum where you can take a peek into the history of Bathhouse Row. After the Visitors’ Center, continue the tour around the historic Bathhouse Row where you can see other buildings that used to be, and some that still are, bathhouses bustling with activity.

See the Hot Springs Mountain Tower

If you hike a little more, you will be able to climb up a trail that will lead you into the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. Be in awe of the beauty of the park as you get tremendous views of the Hot Springs National Park and the Ouachita Mountains from above. You will marvel at the beauty of the city of Hot Springs as it sits peacefully within the Ouachita Mountains and surrounded by three beautiful lakes.

Join the Hot Springs Haunted Tour

Speaking of interesting things to do in Hot Springs, this is perhaps one of the most interesting tours you’ll end up taking throughout your entire life. The tour takes you around the city as you learn about the history of Hot Springs and the creepy stories behind the most iconic buildings in the city. If you’re a fan of horror and you love being creeped out, then this tour is for you. Not only will you get to hear fantastic stories about the city’s history, you’ll have fun with the scary stories, too.