Lake Hamilton Fun Facts - Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton Fun Facts

Lake Hamilton Fun Facts

Lake Hamilton is a 7,460-acre man-made lake located South of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is one of three man-made lakes along the Ouachita River. It was created following the completion of the Carpenter Dam in 1932.

Lake Hamilton is named after Hamilton Moses, then soon-to-be President and Chairman of the Board for Arkansas Power and Light.

Fun Facts

  • Lake Hamilton is Arkansas’ most popular site for recreation and residence.
  • Virginia Clinton Kelley, the mother of President Bill Clinton, resided in Lake Hamilton until her death in 1994.
  • The shoreline of Lake Hamilton is populated by several resorts, restaurants, and hotels.
  • The lake is one of Arkansas’ most productive fisheries as it is home to numerous species of fish including largemouth bass, striped bass, hybrid striped bass, and crappie.
  • The Arkansas State record for striped bass was broken twice in March 1997 with a 53lb 9oz striper followed by a 53lb 13oz striper. The record has since been broken.
  • The northernmost tip of Lake Hamilton is an excellent spot for trout and striped bass fishing. The crystal clear waters allows easy sighting of the fish.
  • Hill Wheatley Park, located on the northern tip of Lake Hamilton, is home to the lake’s only man-made beach, which is the best swimming area on Lake Hamilton.
  • The most popular attractions at Lake Hamilton are the Garvan Woodland Gardens and the 400-passenger river boat the Belle of Hot Springs.
  • The Garvan Woodland Gardens is a department of the School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas.