Lake Hamilton High School Senior Prom - Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton High School Senior Prom

Lake Hamilton High School Senior Prom

The seniors have reached the end. Well, the end of high school, anyway. Prom season is once again upon us. And prom is, in fact, one of the biggest nights in a teen’s life. It is a night full of glamour, fun, being with friends, and a whole lot of dancing. Plus, you get to go on a night you will always remember with your date.

A little over a month left before high school’s grandest night and there’s definitely a lot of buzz. If you already have a date, good for you. If you don’t, then it’s time to find one because it’s time to start making preparations.

Knowing the Theme

This year’s prom at Lake Hamilton High School has the theme “A Moment in Time”, a trip down memory lane. Together, the school takes a nostalgia trip to the days before you rode the bus to your first day of school, to the days that all you had to think about was what game you were going to play and not think about school.

In line with this year’s theme, the colors for the prom are black, silver, and purple. Be sure to plan your outfit around those colors.

Dress and Tux Rentals

“Should I buy a tux/dress for prom? Or should I rent?” If you find yourself asking those questions, be sure to ask yourself “Will I be able to use the tux/dress after prom?” “Is it worth it?” “Can we afford it?” If your answer to all questions is “yes”, then by all means buy that tuxedo/dress. However, if you answered “no”, then you should rent.

The best course of action, however, would be to just rent. One, you’d have more flexibility with your choices since you wouldn’t be spending as much. Two, you wouldn’t be pressured to find the most special dress or tuxedo that you can still wear for other occasions.

There are plenty of options for dress and tuxedo rentals around Lake Hamilton. Right around the school district, you can find several tuxedo and dress rental shops. Just a short drive away, on airport road, you can find an upscale, yet still budget-friendly shop that offers high quality formalwear at a low cost.  Or better yet, you can visit the nearby city of Hot Springs to find even more quality options.

Renting a Limo or a Party Bus

Knowing what to ride for prom is certainly a big component when planning for prom. Along with what you wear and your date, it is one of the keys to make your prom truly a night to remember.

Whether you’re planning to rent a limo or a party bus, it is important to note your date’s preference. Some would prefer a limo while others would prefer a party bus. Whichever you choose, it’s important to note 5 things while doing your research:

  1. Always look at the bus or limo in person prior to paying your deposit. This is to see if the unit you want is really what it seems or if it is actually what is registered.
  2. In order to secure the unit that you want, place a small deposit immediately and/or sign a contract. This is to make sure the bus or limo that you reserved will not be snagged by another group and that it shows up on the day of your prom.
  3. Remember to collect money from all the passengers beforehand to save you from a lot of distress.
  4. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. The same can be said for cheap limos and buses. You have to take time to find that sweet spot between low cost and high quality.
  5. It is important that you follow the law. In most states, including the state of Arkansas, underage drinking is prohibited. Your trip might be cut short and terminated if any evidence of underage drinking is found.

How Should You Act During Prom?

Prom is definitely one of the most anticipated events in a student’s life. And once the students get there, you will certainly do everything in your power to make it the most memorable night you’ve ever had. However, being at prom doesn’t excuse you from behaving in a certain way. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to your date.

For girls, buy a dress that will make you and your date comfortable. Dance and have a good time. Act naturally in front of your date. Don’t be dramatic and just leave your date hanging to go hang out with your friends. And lastly, don’t overdo your makeup. You would want to look your best at the prom, but you don’t want to overdo it and wind up looking like a clown with all that makeup.

For boys, you should be on-time to pick up your date. Be a gentleman. Open doors for your date and take her hand when stepping out of the vehicle. Don’t forget to bring the corsage and put it on your date. Don’t forget to compliment your date. Most of all enjoy your time dancing, with your friends and with your date. Don’t leave her hanging. Keep her company and engage her in conversation. Make her feel special.

It is also important to remember that you are both there to create memories. Take pictures (but not too often) and take it all in. Enjoy the moment while it lasts. You’re certainly going to remember that night for the rest of your lives.

Who Should Be Prom King and Queen?

Being the prom king and queen, in the past, entailed being the best-looking couple or best-looking individuals in the school. They were also usually the most popular students. However, times have changed. Today, the distinction is usually given to the most deserving student that do not only have good grades, but also have extracurricular activities and are genuinely nice people. Schools usually set guidelines on who to nominate and the students take it from there.

Remember that while it is somewhat a popularity contest, it is also a distinction that is awarded to whom the other students genuinely like. Hanging out with only a small circle of peers will get you nowhere. If you’re thinking of running for prom king or queen, be sure to widen your circle of friends.

Final Thoughts

Being able to attend the prom is not a right, but a privilege afforded to students and is therefore earned. Be sure to follow the guidelines that have been set by the school in order to make the prom an enjoyable activity.