Mountain Biking in Hot Springs: Beginner to Advanced - Lake Hamilton

Mountain Biking in Hot Springs: Beginner to Advanced

Mountain Biking in Hot Springs: Beginner to Advanced

Hot Springs is a biker’s paradise. It is blessed with plenty of mountain ranges and forests that are filled with various trail systems that are perfect for riders of all ages and skill levels. You can take the scenic beginner trails or you can go high and take the expert-level trails. Whichever route you’re looking for and level you’re on, you can make sure that Hot Springs has it all.

Beginner Trails

Green Trail – 1.5 miles

The green trail is part of the greater Cedar Glades Trail and is one of the easiest routes in the area due to its generally short distance, very short climbs, and is covered with a mostly dirt terrain.

North Cedar Glades Trail – 0.6 miles

Still passes through the greater Cedar Glades area. The trail is mostly flat but has a short section with a 9% grade climb.

Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail – 4.2 miles

A multi-use trail corridor connecting the downtown Hot Springs area to a wetlands area at Lake Hamilton and is perfect for family biking and hiking adventures.

Entergy Park – < 1 mile

Entergy park northeast of Lake Hamilton offers nine trails, some off-road while others paved, that are great biking destinations for those looking for casual biking fun. The trails are generally flat with minor climbs, making this a perfect family-friendly route.

Intermediate Trails

Bearcut Trail – 3.8 miles

Bearcut trail is perfect for those seeking a little more adventure but are not ready for the extreme trails. The path is generally a little bit more challenging, with one area having over 80ft of ascension spanning more than 100ft.

Iron Mountain Trail – 21.5 miles

This is an extreme trail that is built to IMBA standards that has some nice turns with varying degrees of difficulty in some of its drops. It is a famous trail and has been used in several competitions such as cross-country races and XTERRA events. This trail will surely test your limits           

Cedar Glades Park Loop – 10 miles

It is extremely fast with technical descents. This route abounds with switchbacks, one particularly occurring at a long climb, which is roughly 4% grade. There are three major climbs and plenty of creek crossings.

Womble Trail – 33 miles

This is listed as an IMBA Epic Ride and is perhaps the most famous biking trail in the state. Bikers from all over the country come in every year to try this epic ride, which also holds a key element in the Ouachita Challenge and the Womble Classic Mountain Bike race held annually.

Advanced Trails

Ouachita National Recreational Trail – 108.4 miles

This is also an IMBA Epic Ride trail filled with exciting descents and challenging climbs. This was originally a hiking trail but has recently allowed bikers to traverse certain areas of the trail.  Therefore, biking boundaries should be observed at all times.

Lake Ouachita Vista Trail – 38.3 miles

The Lake Ouachita Vista Trail encompasses over 40 miles of lake shoreline and ridge top tiding, with very few switchbacks. It was built over the last 10 years or so on both Corps of Engineers and US Forest Service land and is a favorite of both bikers and distance runners.

South Loop – 4.7 miles

The route begins with a 300-foot climb for about 0.6 miles on its first phase with another 200-foot climb for another 0.5 miles on its second phase, where a very fast descent will occur. Prepare to be challenged.

Rocky Ridge Loop – 2.5 miles

This mostly rocky route is perhaps one of the most challenging routes near Lake Ouachita as it abounds with rocks coupled with short but steep sections of road.