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Bathe in the Waters of Hot Springs and Enjoy These Health Benefits

Bathe in the Waters of Hot Springs and Enjoy These Health Benefits

Hot Springs, Arkansas is a paradise dubbed as America’s Spa City and is known for its namesake natural hot spring water flowing through the city. And with the city abounding with plenty of bathhouses where these hot spring waters can be enjoyed, it should be one of the first things that should be tried when planning a visit to Hot Springs.

Bathing in hot springs is quite recommended because of obvious reasons like providing warmth to the body and helping you to relax. But did you know that there are also other health benefits that come with bathing in hot spring waters?

Here are a few health benefits and reasons why you should definitely drop by the numerous hot spring bathhouses in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


It Boosts Blood Circulation

Natural hot spring waters contain different materials like calcium and sodium bicarbonate that can be absorbed by the body when your body is submerged. When these minerals are soaked up, according to Livestrong, your hydrostatic pressure increases. Your blood starts pumping, giving you the feeling of working out.

Getting your blood to circulate is important to your health because it allows your heart to pump a little faster, providing blood to all parts of your body and energizes your cells. This allows your body to not feel stiff and tired as it would if you were lying in bed all day.


It, Of Course, Relieves Stress and Calms You Down

Being submerged in hot natural spring waters provides your body with plenty of external heat, which relaxes your muscles and releases body tension. And when your muscles are relaxed, you remove stress from your body, allowing you to fall asleep faster, and sleep better. Not only that, it also allows you to clear your mind.


It Can Help Your Skin

A natural compound called silica can be found in natural hot springs. This compound can actually help relieve your skin from conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Aside from that, it also helps keep your skin healthy and smooth and can help with dry scalp.


It Helps with Chronic Pain

The heat from natural hot springs can help alleviate joint pain, natural fatigue, tissue damage, and other types of muscle pain. The heat, along with the pressure of the water dulls your body’s perception of pain by blocking the body’s pain receptors. Additionally, the mineral concentration in the water can provide a feeling of “freedom” and euphoria.


It Can Clear Nasal Congestion

The steam emitted by the hot natural spring waters heats up your body and rises to your sinuses, clearing out the pathway of air, alleviating nasal discomfort. It can also help with digestive problems as your autonomic nervous system is stabilized along with your endocrine system.