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Lake and Boating Safety

Lake and Boating Safety

It’s summer once again and you know what that means: it’s swimming and boating season once again. Hot Springs, Arkansas is one of the best places in the country for some lake and boating action, especially during the summer. But before you hit the lakes, you have to remember to keep not only personal safety in mind, but also the safety of those with you. Here are a few safety tips to help you keep safe while you and your family have fun on the great lakes of Hot Springs.

Always Examine the Pre-Departure Checklist

It is always proper to have a checklist of safety rules, precautions, and essential items or supplies and to check the list prior to departure to make sure nothing has been overlooked or forgotten.

Take Note of the Weather

Before departure, make sure to check local weather reports, not just for present conditions but also for later in the day as things can change fast, especially on a lake. And while on the water, keep an eye out for darkening clouds, changing wind patterns, or sudden drops in temperature. Those are usually good indicators that you need to get out of the water.

Provide Information

Provide information about your journey like the intended destination or duration of the trip to a family member, close friend, or someone at the marina. You wouldn’t want a 127 Hours situation, do you?

Have Your Boat Inspected Professionally

It’s always good to have professionals inspect your boat at least once per boating season to check for possible leaks, minor damages, or for maintenance purposes and eliminate any risk for carbon monoxide poisoning and something going wrong while you’re in the water.

Always Wear Your Life Jackets

Always wear your life jackets while in the water as a safety precaution for emergencies or if you want to go into the water in the middle of the lake.

Have an Assistant Skipper

You must have an assistant skipper with you that knows everything about the boat like boating safety and handling of the boat to have someone with the ability to bring the boat back to shore if the primary navigator is unable to do so.

Stay Away from Alcohol

It is always best to stay away from alcohol while operating a boat and when going to swim in a wide, deep lake.

In Case of Emergency – Throw, Don’t Go

If someone goes overboard, it’s best to avoid going in the water yourself and instead throw a lifeline to be able to manage the rescue better.

Nothing Beats Common Sense

Rather than following complicated safety regulations while boating, it’s still best to follow common sense like not going too fast, keeping a lookout for obstacles, etc.